• Special brakes
    for special vehicles

Specialist vehicles

Utilising the past. Shaping the future.

There is an entire world of specialist vehicles existing beyond the confines of conventional automotive design. From tiny autonomous airport pods to massive crop sprayers, all need braking systems designed specifically for their unique role. All of them are served by Alcon.

We provide brakes for agricultural vehicles operating in climates from roasting deserts to frozen tundra. We equip emergency services, police forces and riot control vehicles. One typical example of the kind of interesting challenge we face in this area is providing brakes for an airport vehicle that weighs 5.6 tonnes itself, but which must tow and therefore stop an unbraked load of up to 50 tonnes.

This is the kind of puzzle Alcon exists to solve. We work with our customers to understand their needs, agree a specification, design, develop, produce and test the components, supply and then support the customer for as long as our components are on their vehicles.

Brakes for every application

Over the years our expertise has lead us through some very unconventional projects. From low carbon taxis in London to the all-new Extreme.E championship, we are proud to have been able to supply specialist brake solutions for any need. No application is too niche for us – if you need brakes, then get in touch.


Commensurate with Alcon’s commitment to be at the forefront of emerging technology, Alcon has been developing fully active braking systems to meet advances in Autonomous Vehicle Technology. We have engaged with top-flight motorsport and aeronautical suppliers, along with specialist contractors to enter the market with the AAC01 BBW System, offering cutting-edge technology and performance. Alcon’s AAC01 is a lightweight, off-the shelf, high-performance BBW system that features a failsafe design for passive braking in event of system failure; dual-channel pedal & calliper pressure measurement; and a Pedal Compliance Chamber Port for customer pedal-feel tuning.