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    Team Alcon

    Despite its successes, Alcon remains a small company of dedicated professionals to whom our customers have direct access. We do not work as a loose collection of semi-autonomous departments operating independently under the same roof, but as a team, in the truest and most literal sense of the word.

    We are dedicated to QRM (Quick Response Manufacturing) techniques, and place our key departments not just in the same building, but the same rooms where ideas, information, questions and answers are allowed to flow unimpeded.

    Our informed and enthusiastic team is there to guide you whatever your requirements, from routine requests to bespoke commissions.

    Jonathan Edwards
    Group Sales Director
    Ben Edwards
    Head of Sales
    Phil Stubbs
    President Alcon USA
    Émeline Wilson
    Group Marketing Manager
    Tim Allen
    UK and International Sales
    Bill Waddell
    Armoured and Military Business Development Manager
    Harry Gill
    Head of Sales, Alcon USA
    Mark Allen
    Motorsport Account Executive
    Scott Harris
    Account Executive
    Ross Dingley
    Account Executive
    Winners of the prestigious MIA Business Of The Year award 2018