• Cutting edge

In-house innovation

Alcon was set up in 1983 as an engineering company. It lies at the heart of all we do. It fascinates us. How can we design a component that works better than its predecessor and lasts longer? And how can we engineer it to an even higher standard of quality and deliver it within the ever shortening timeframes expected by some of the greatest and most demanding car companies and race teams on earth? These are the questions we ask ourselves every day. Our ever-evolving range of world class products is our answer.


Whether it is a caliper for a high performance road car, or an entire braking system for an experimental racing prototype, ‘fitness for purpose’ lies at the heart of our design process. We know that if a component is too heavy or gets too hot it’s not just braking performance that suffers, but the performance of the entire car. Using sophisticated CAE design software and state of the art technologies like topology optimisation, we can ensure our components are as strong, light and efficient as possible.


Our simulation work has transformed the way we make our products, improving quality and efficiency while dramatically reducing development time. For instance by examining the way air flows through a disc and adding turbulence-inducing ridges to the vanes, we can make that air attract as much heat as possible. The result is a lighter product with increased thermal efficiency requiring less ducting, improving aerodynamics and therefore creating a car that is not just quicker to slow, but faster everywhere.

Research and Development

To stand still is to go backwards, which is why Alcon is always looking years into the future, developing new ideas, patenting new processes and ensuring the company is always ahead of the competition. Our work in topology optimisation leads the field, yet we can already see opportunities in 3D printing and lattice core construction that will revolutionise the industry all over again. And when it does, it will be Alcon that sets the standard.


We spend almost as much time supporting our customers as we do designing products for them. Whether the client is big or small, we never just deliver products, we make sure they work and keep on working. This not only helps and reassures the customer, it also provides a vital resource for us: seeing our products in real world action provides critical data to help us develop ever better components in future.

  • Alcon’s new brake NVH dynamometer allows our R&D team to detect, measure and solve brake noise and vibrations during the development phase of a new product.

    The dynamometer utilises the latest state-of-the-art technology to simulate actual operating conditions closely. We can control the test chamber environment by regulating temperatures ranging from -20°C to 50°C and humidity from 10 to 95 percent. The machine also features low speed / stationary operation and wet test operation. There are only 2 of these NVH dynamometers in the UK. When not in use for Alcon’s own research, we will make our test facility available to OEMs requiring NVH dyno services.