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    What’s stopping you

    We all know how important it is for any vehicle to be able to gain speed quickly, whether it be a road car, a track car or even an armoured defence vehicle. Which is why it’s strange that so little attention is paid to no less important job of shedding that speed. Brakes are just brakes, right?

    Alcon was founded precisely because brakes are not just brakes. As well as being the primary active safety system on any car, the best brakes inspire confidence, augment the joy of driving and reduce lap times far more effectively and affordably than by adding power. And the best brakes are what we make, alongside clutch and pedal box systems for some of the most demanding and discerning clients on earth.

    We don’t just take pride in developing world leading brake systems, we take a great deal of pleasure too. We know the transforming effect our brakes can have on a vehicle’s performance. Spend a few minutes with us here, and you will too.

    We design and manufacture brake systems and clutches for customers who demand the very best, not only in motorsport but in the OEM, armoured, defence, specialist and aftermarket sectors.

    Globally renown braking systems, at all levels and across all genres


    For when a merely good braking system is not nearly good enough


    Pushing back the boundaries of performance with the best in the business

    Armoured & Defence

    When lives are on the line, only the very best will do

    Alcon supplies braking solutions to some of the world’s most prestigious marques

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