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A unique sport requiring a unique approach.

Rallycross was born in the UK, at Lydden Hill circuit in Kent in 1967 to be precise, but it is only in recent years that there has been an explosion of interest in this multi-surface sprint format of motorsport. And it is therefore only fitting that it is Alcon whose brakes and carbon clutch systems exist at the very heart of the sport and on the cars of most front running competitors.

Rallycross is unique as is the challenge it presents. The sprint format means every millisecond counts whether that’s time spent changing gear or shedding speed, but the change of surface is equally challenging, for the brakes must be designed and developed to be equally effective both on tarmac and on the loose. In a sport where the distinction between hero and zero is defined by fractions of a second, there is literally no time to lose. Which is why people who know Rallycross trust Alcon to deliver.


Brake Discs


Master Cylinders

  • Rally. World RX.


    4-piston radial mount monobloc caliper

  • World RX.


    4-piston radial mount monobloc caliper

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