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We have the quality, consistency and reliability to satisfy the needs of the most demanding teams.

We supply complete braking systems from the disc to the master cylinder, all engineered to Alcon’s unsurpassed standards of quality. We use cutting edge optimisation technology to ensure our brakes are as powerful, light, consistent, thermally efficient and durable as the current state of the art. And we never sit still, always looking forward not just to next season but years into the future to enable us to bring the racing components of tomorrow in to the present day.

What’s more, we always tailor our services to individual requirements. So whether the client is a global OEM needing a wide range of brakes, master cylinders, clutches and pedal boxes, or a tiny team requiring a single bespoke component, Alcon has the agility, facilities and technologies to help.

Official partners

Aston Martin Racing and Alcon have signed a technical partnership agreement. Alcon has been a technical partner to Aston Martin since 2016, providing its products to the luxury British marque and its official motorsport arm, Aston Martin Racing.


Brake Discs


Master Cylinders

Pedal Boxes

Brake Kits

  • NEW
    Circuit Racing. General Race.

    Corvette C5 & C6

    Pro-Touring Brake System

  • NEW


    6-piston radial mount caliper

  • NEW
    TCR. Touring Car. General Race.


    6-piston radial mount caliper

  • NEW

    PBA800 sliding pedal box

    Sliding pedal box.

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