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Applications: Race, Rally, Rallycross

Key features and benefits

Compact design push type master cylinder

Suitable for brake and clutch applications

0.25″ high grade spherical bearing allows the master cylinder to rotate with the arc of the pedal and offset of the balance bar to minimise side loads at the push rod

Breather port clearance (cut-off travel) calibrated during assembly to provide controlled lost travel

Scraper seal to prevent ingress of dust and debris

Non-standard push rods available on request

Integrated travel sensor SHM4917C available (not included) for accurate measurement of push rod travel in both front and rear circuits


Maximum stroke: 29.5mm

Breather port clearance 0.7-1.0mm. Versions available with larger breather port diameter for rally car handbrake

Fluid inlet port M10x1 Tightening torque 17-20Nm with a copper washer

Fluid outlet M10X1 Tightening torque 17-20Nm with a copper washer

To avoid trapping air, install with the ports uppermost. The fluid outlet port must not be below the horizontal axis

Average weight 0.13Kg

  • Race. General Race. Rally. Handbrake.


    Tandem in-line master cylinder

  • General Race. Rally.

    MS Series

    Flange mounted master cylinder

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