CIL40 series


The CIL40 series caliper can be tailored for a wide range of applications with various disc sizes available.
Installation drawings and models are available upon request.

Key features and benefits

Lug mount using standard 88.9mm spacing

Hanging pads with anti-rattle clips

Acid zinc plating with additional paint option

EPDM seal material


SUV, armoured vehicles, defence, emergency services, ground
support, specialist applications

  • armoured.

    CIL55 series

    8 piston brake caliper

  • armoured.

    CIR15 series

    6 piston brake caliper

  • armoured.

    CIR50 series

    4 piston brake caliper

  • armoured.

    CIR54 series

    4 piston brake caliper

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