Thu 06th July 2017

Alcon is proud to announce the latest addition to its motorsport caliper range. Designed to meet the FIA R4T and R5 cost cap, Alcon’s new R5 caliper is the most competitive in weight and stiffness on the market.

Its optimised design allowing for integrated cooling features and stainless steel ventilated piston end caps, enables better heat management in any situation. Designed primarily for use in R4T, R5 and Rallycross competition, the R5 caliper is versatile enough to be used in any area of motorsport where a disc range of 300mm – 355mm is required. Benefiting from internally drilled fluid passageways and no external cross over pipes*, Alcon’s new caliper offers the best level of protection in even the harshest of environments.

Key features and benefits:

- Machined from aerospace-grade aluminium billet for maximum strength and durability

- 4-piston radial mount caliper, 180x42mm mounting centres

- Fully optimised monobloc design for maximum stiffness

- Internally drilled fluid galleries with no external pipes

- Aluminium pistons with stainless steel ventilated end caps for reduced thermal conductivity

- Differential piston diameters that minimise pad taper wear

- Disc range 300mm – 355mm, in keeping with FIA gravel and tarmac maximum disc diameters

- Common pad shape with large area at 64.5cm2

- Anti-knockback springs fitted as standard

- Dry weight 1800g excluding pads

(*External bridge pipe option available)

Product photos available here (editorial use only)