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Twisted Alcon brakes – front and rear sets

Twisted by Alcon’ is a comprehensive brake upgrade kit for the Land Rover Defender, including calipers, discs and pads for both the front and rear axles.

Front – 355x32mm two piece semi-floating aluminium disc assemblies with the painted ‘Twisted by Alcon’ monobloc 6 pot aluminium calipers. Rear – 298x14mm solid one piece discs, 4 pot aluminium painted 2 piece calipers.

 Alcon's kit has been extensively tested and proven to deliver quantifiable gains over factory installed equivalents. The kit offers up to 40% reduction in disc temperature rise and pad work rate (leading to a corresponding upswing in pad life) as well as significantly improved pedal feel.  *Please note - due to the size of the product, these brakes can only be fitted under 18″ wheels.

‘Twisted by Alcon’ – British made brakes for extreme environments.

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